Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never used cloth pads! Why would I want to

Reusable cloth pads have changed my life, and have helped me to reduce the waste I’m putting out into the world. They’ve also helped me reduce the issues that I’ve had over the years with my skin. I used to get the WORST rashes/chaffing from disposable products, and thought this was normal. I made the switch over to cloth and found that they were way more comfortable, they came in super fun pretty prints, and I could find the size that fit me the best! The best part is that I was saving money every single month, as I had completely stopped needing disposables since I would just wash and reuse each month! If you are not sure where to start with cloth pads, check out the rest of these FAQ’s or message me in the “Chat with Us” button to the bottom right of your screen! 

What size of cloth pad should I start with?

My best advice is to take a look at what kind of products you're currently using and ask yourself a couple questions. Do you bleed more in the front? Do you bleed out the back at night? How long at your current pads that you use now? The best place to start is measuring your current pads and then investing in just a couple pads to try out the size and absorbency. Then you can figure out what you like best and add to your stash!

How do your sizes work? What absorbencies do you have?

When you click the Cloth Pad drop-down menu, you will see 9”, 10”, 11" and so on. Those are the lengths of the pads. In each listing, it will either be Regular or Heavy for Absorbency. 

Regular: 1 layer of Zorb

Heavy: 2 layers of Zorb

Liners do not have Zorb inside of them, and are simply two layer of cotton and a waterproof backing. 

Pads are marked with stitches stars for absorbency:

No Stars - Liner     2 Star - Regular      3 Star - Heavy

What is inside of your cloth pads?

I use a product called Zorb, which is made in the USA and is the leading absorbent core mainly used in cloth diapers. It is a hypo-allergenic material and can hold up to 10x it's weight! It's highly absorbent which is why it is an amazing fabric to use in the middle to soak up everything. It also stays fluffy over years of use instead of having a cotton core which can get stiff over time.

Are these pads waterproof?

Yes! Every single pad is made with PUL (Polyurethane laminate) which is the leading waterproof material commonly used in cloth diapering for babies. It does not allow leaks through and gives you the comfort in knowing you wont have anything soaking through to your clothing.

Which way do I wear these pads?

The pretty colourful patterns that you see in each listing is what touches your skin. The bottom PUL waterproof material is white and faces your underwear. 

How do I wash cloth pads? Is it hard?

It's true, cloth pads are a little bit more work than the simple ease of throwing away a disposable pad. There are a few ways to do it. I start by rinsing out the pad in cold water until the water runs clear and then hanging the pads on my towel bar in my washroom to dry. This way, they are not left wet in a pile to breed bacteria. I often have a pile of rinsed out dry pads and add them in with my other laundry and a bit of stain remover. I use oxyclean, but there are plenty of other great stain removers out there! You can figure out what works best for you!

Are these cloth pads just for periods or can I use them for incontinence?

These pads are great for both! Of course, you want to make sure youre wearing the appropriate size and absorbency, but they work amazingly. Like disposables, these pads can have leakage off the edges if your flow is too much for the pad to handle, but increasing the length and width of pad you're wearing can help combat these issues.

Do you make custom pads?

Yes! Please use the “Contact Me” form and message me what you’re looking for, and I will email you back and we can chat details. I also  update my website often with new products, and post very frequently on my Instagram Stories with what I'm making so be sure to follow me on Instagram!  

Do you make custom clothing for children?

Yes! I love sewing dresses and shirts for your kids. Use the form under "Contact Me" and let me know what size, fabric theme, and timeframe you are looking for. My prices for custom collared shirts start at $70 and my custom dress prices start at $85 and go up depending on details. 

Where is Isla Sewing Co. located? 

Isla Sewing Co. is located in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada. 🇨🇦 All prices listed in CAD dollars.

Do you offer local pickup? 

Yes! At checkout there is an option to pick up your order at no cost. If you choose this selection, after your order is ready I will send an email with my cell number so we can text to arrange a time for pickup. If you select local pickup and you are not local, I will email you about cancelling the order and you can reorder with the correct shipping selected. 

Where you do ship?

Isla Sewing Co. ships within Canada 🇨🇦 and USA 🇺🇸 

Please ensure you are entering the correct and complete mailing address when checking out. Orders returned due to incorrect or incomplete addresses will be re-shipped at your expense.

All orders are sent via Canada Post and typically are sent out within 1-5 business days.

Canada - Orders will take between 3-15 business days to arrive. 

USA - Orders will take between 5-21 business days to arrive to you. *Any duty taxes or import fees incurred are the responsibility of the buyer.*

Shipping Prices

🇨🇦 Canada: $5CAD Flat Rate Untracked Lettermail  for orders under $99CAD

OR $21 Flat Rate Tracked Package for all orders $100CAD+

🇺🇸 USA: $15CAD Flat Rate

*Canada Only* Please note: Some larger items are only available to ship at $21, as they will not physically fit Lettermail. These items only allow the $21 tracked package option to show at checkout. 

⚠️Discount Codes/Custom Orders - Any listings under the tab “Custom Orders” are NOT eligible for discounts. All other items listed as available on the website are eligible for coupon codes that are given out. 

What is your return policy?

Due to the personal nature of our products we cannot accept returns for refund or exchange, but please contact me if you have issues with your order.