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9" Regular Cloth Pad

9" Regular Cloth Pad

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9" Regular Cloth Pad

Wing Snap width 2.9”

Topper: Woven Cotton
Core: 1 layer Cotton Flannel, 1 layer Zorb
Backer: Waterproof PUL
Snaps: White polyresin KAM snaps

Absorbency is marked on wing with stitched stars:

2 Star - Regular

***Pads can slide if you are wearing looser undergarments, so tighter undergarments are recommended to keep pad in position.***

Cloth Pad Care:
•After use toss in a wet bag or pail until laundry day
•When ready to wash, presoak pads in cool water and a bit of oxyclean for a few hours or overnight
•Rinse then toss into your regular, cool-warm water wash. You can add some towels or other laundry.
• *DO NOT* use fabric softener as this creates a buildup on the fabrics thus reducing the absorbency qualities of the materials
•Line dry to maximize the life of your pads (I personally prefer to machine dry on medium)
• Do not use bleach as it will damage the fabric colours/pad.


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